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Undisturbed Silence

enjoy_the_silence-1920x1080One lesson I can never forget, “Silence is the greatest carrier of God’s presence.” It is in silence that man finds God. Undisturbed silence is the catalyst to an undisturbed relationship with Him. There is nothing like silence that says, “You alone God.” Countless scriptural references can be pointed to the act of silence as a time of prayer and meditation before God.

Why is silence so important? Silence strips us of all self-indulgence, self-righteousness, and self-promotion. There is no hypocrisy or double-mindedness in silence. Silence brings everything but you into the scene. It demotes self-proclamation and self-promotion. It leaves no room for hypocrisy, because silence is no friend of noise. Silence shuns the faint of heart, the ill-willed and the passive spirit.

Silence is an agent and friend of presence. The ultimate presence it acknowledges is the one that always is and always was. Because even in silence, God remains. Silence shuns us out, but invites God in. Silence has always been God’s platform. Where else is God given complete free-will control?

We must return to undisturbed silence, a time in prayer, where we remain silent, unmoved by what surrounds us or what captivates us. Undisturbed silence honors God. In this we must continue for some time, because amongst the time that we do not sense His presence, yet remain silent, we are giving him a real honor, respecting His presence, His timeliness and His faithfulness to us, regardless of what we feel, think or see. This is true faith.


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Claimed by the Holy Spirit

Dedicated to my sister Christina in her ever-pursuit of sharing Christ


In the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to share the Gospel with my neighbors and other closely-related people in my life. I have found it almost frustrating to persuade people into salvation to the point of asking God to give me the mind and perspective of the unbeliever so that I may be better equipped to share the message of the Gospel.

As I observed my own efforts and others’ around me trying to save the lost, the Holy Spirit gave me a fresh outlook and revelation on this topic. The following is a conversation between the Holy Spirit and myself:

How do we save people? It seems to be so difficult to persuade someone into trusting the Lord Jesus. There are two things I noticed in contemplation of all this. The first thing to note is that most of the time, an individual turns to the Lord when they are broken, either through a tragedy, loss, or hopelessness. When one is broken, they become aware of their ‘sorry’ state. They realize that something is missing. Hopelessness brings one realization of the reality of their corrupt state- being dead in spirit. 

Therefore, a realization, or revelation, has to occur for one to see any need to repent and surrender. If they are #1 Not aware of their corrupt state, they cannot see the need for salvation. If a country is at war, both sides have the option of surrender. But a country at peace has no need to surrender. Thus, it is with salvation. Until one gets a revelation that they are, in fact, sinners in need of saving, they will have no true repentance nor are they able to repent. 

The second point, or #2 Recognition of sin goes hand-in-hand with recognition of grace. Grace is the realization that there is a God who loves us. This is radical news to anyone. Therefore, when realization comes, there is no if-and-or-but, a person will immediately surrender and repent. Grace overlooks one’s addictions and in-turn says, “I accept you exactly the way you are”!

But often times, it takes a loss or tragedy for a man to find God, or more like, realize God. One may ask, “Where then is God when we are not lost or hurt”? The reality is that God is always present, but He cannot be recognized entirely to the point of surrender unless we receive that revelation. 

Having said that, God is always at work within you, but A) Our flexibility with Him is respected by Him and B) He does all He can with what we give Him to work with. If we limit Him so much, what do we expect to happen? But faith will usher in the reality of His work. Faith will bring truth into manifestation.

Salvation is never achieved through indifference. One must get a revelation of their need for salvation. Realization and revelation will bring one to a position of surrender. Therefore, our job is not to save or convince people to claim salvation, because neither Christians nor Non-Christians own the rights to salvation. Salvation belongs to the Lord (Psalm 3:8). Only He can claim someone to it. Since the Lord is our salvation (Psalm 27:1), a revelation of the Lord is needed. That revelation is given from God. And it is only He who can save the lost.

The question becomes, “Who then can be saved”? God wills that none perish, but all come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). The progress begins with us, allowing the Lord to direct us to those individuals He wants us to minister to. We should follow this pattern: Speak, Pray, and Watch!

The steps of this pattern can be taken interchangeably. The steps are adjustable to the Lord’s direction. Speaking God’s Word and the truth of Jesus Christ should be our life story wherever we go, representing Christ and not allowing any man to tempt us with religion (The Standard Christian Epidemic). Praying should be a lifestyle for us believers, as it is the means by which the spiritual realm runs by. Watching is the concept of listening and obeying the Lord’s direction. Watching is also the prophetic realm. We are to be sensitive to His voice and direction through discernment and wisdom.

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves. (Ephesians 2:8).

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02THE STANDARD CHRISTIAN EPIDEMIC A honest look into why Christianity fails and how to make Christianity work. It’s not a formula, but a message. Explore practical truths of the Christian faith. Available everywhere books and E-books are sold.

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Why God Wants You Wealthy

build_wealthBeing rich is not selfish. Wanting to be rich is not selfish either. God’s Word defines “prosperity” by the following verse:

May you have enough to abound in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8

It is very simple. Under scripture, prosperity is defined as having enough not only to tithe, but to support a ministry, sponsor a child, give to Godly charities, and so on. “Every good work,” is anything that has to do with the expansion of the Kingdom.

When your priority with finances is to expand the Kingdom of God, get ready to handle a lot of money. God is seeking stewards He can trust. How do you suppose God channels money to His servants? By His people. Did you assume God created the US currency out of thin air? Can He? Of course He can but God is bound by his own Word. He is not a liar, therefore  He will not counterfeit the US currency. Furthermore, He is limited to man’s obedience. He needs us to fulfill His purposes! If you cannot agree with this, then why are you still alive? Do you live merely for your own pleasure? We were made for His pleasure. In Him, we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28). We are called His servants, because we have been given a purpose to spread His kingdom! (Matthew 28:16)

God wants you wealthy because He wants to use you as a channel of finances towards His work. We are His stewards. God will use other people and open doors for you to receive money. The more money you receive, the more will be used for Kingdom work. The underlying question is, “Do you care for the Kingdom of God?”

The Bible speaks heavily on being a “giver” and to be “generous” in all our ways. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” One of the reasons is because the “giver” always has more than the “receiver” (Acts 20:35). Once you learn to give, you will never be concerned about “receiving.” He desires us to imitate Him and Oh how rich He is! He lavishes His gifts upon us! We will never surpass His generosity, but we are to pursue His nature! He is a giver who always has enough. He wants His children to learn how, “Daddy does it!”

Many claim it is selfish to be rich. Is it selfish to feed the poor and clothe the needy? Is it selfish to help those in need?

Think about it, if you had wealth, how much more people can you bless! The question again is, “Can He trust you with the wealth?” Only you know the answer to that. He is your just Judge; He knows the intents and motives of your heart.

If your heart is set on God’s Kingdom and on the priority to give to His work, you will always have enough for yourself. God will use you as a channel and there will be more than enough to meet your needs and desires. He doesn’t demand your lack, but His priority is His Kingdom! You are a part of that Kingdom! He commissions you to extend the grace and love that was so freely given you.

Learn to give and you will learn to be rich. But as soon as you turn your hand back from giving, you are going against God’s principles. His love and mercy is not contingent upon your generosity, but your generosity is contingent upon your heart. What you do in your life is a direct result of what lives inside of you. If generous, love reigns.

Think of yourself as a channel and steward. You are the middle man between God and His work on earth. Those who stay away from money and are content with what they have, are right in being content, but you should seek more wealth for the primary reason of giving to the work of God.

Do you see “selfishness” in that?

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The Hungry Soul

ImageWhat satisfies one’s soul?

The answer may shock you. Anything can satisfy your soul. We will always search for satisfaction. Satisfaction can be found in sin. This however is a short-lived and regenerative quench. It will make you hunger more and more. You will become addicted to sin, because it causes your thirst and appetite to increase. Not only does sin attach itself to you and becomes an addiction, but sin starves your soul. Though sin seems to satisfy one’s soul, it is in fact emptying it out, creating a stronger hunger. Therefore, sin does two things. It makes one hungrier and leaving the soul with an addiction, causes the individual to desperately fill his or her hunger in the quickest way, by sinning once more.

I am not speaking about a sexual sin specifically. I am speaking about the idols we hold to in our lives. Sin can be your quick temper. Sin can be your obsessiveness with fitness. Sin can be as simple as following the crowd. Sin is simply going contrary to faith and trust in God.

One may argue that they do not sin. My friend, if you are not being fully satisfied in the love of God, you are in sin. If you are not abiding in the love of God, you are abiding elsewhere. Deadly sin or not, you belong to your Father who art in heaven! Live as a child of God ought to. There is no “ifs, ands or butts,” if you are not in faith, you are in doubt. Sin is simply unbelief in Jesus Christ, whom the Father sent as a sacrifice for our sins. At the end of this age, it will not necessarily be a matter of the weight of your sin, but the weight of your defense. In the eyes of God, there is only One qualified to stand as an Intercessor. He is your defense attorney who has never lost a case! (Carman)

The question however remains to be that the soul is hungry. It must be filled with something. If one isn’t be satisfied by the love of God, they will be seeking and searching an output for their hunger. But real and permanent satisfaction will only occur when we fill the source of the hunger.

The hunger of your soul sources from the innate desire to know and be with God. Do you realize you are a designed creation! Do you realize you were in fact made by God, for God! You were not always a sinner, empty-handed. You were once experiencing the fullness of His glory as He permitted! This divine state that you were created in is the hunger of your soul! You have this innate desire to know God, because you once knew God! Though man was stripped of His righteousness through disobedience, it has been returned to us by way of Jesus Christ!

Knowing God is not merely knowledge about God. Knowing God is experiencing a new birth through the Spirit of God! Thus forth, it is having an ever-increasing, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 3:18). The knowledge of God is satisfaction; it meets the true definition of satisfaction- contentment. There is no other fulfillment that will cause us to be content. No other pleasure will bring us contentment, because every other pleasure, if not ultimately satisfied by the love of God, will arouse more hunger. Sin has a whiplash effect; it causes immediate hunger. Sin starves the soul! If we understood this truth, why would we ever entertain the thought of sin. To the Christian, it is a very contrary lifestyle. Don’t wonder why you feel spiritually stale if you are entertaining sin. Once again, bear in mind, sin is any idol in one’s life. It is simply unbelief; it is trying to fill our hunger with other pleasures. This can be anything, not necessarily evil, as we tend to associate sin with. If you feed the flesh, you will starve the spirit, but if you starve the flesh, you feed the spirit!

At the well in Sycher, Jesus met a Samaritan woman (John 4). He asked her if she wanted to drink from a well that never runs dry (my paraphrase). He offered her a water that would make her content. “Whoever drinks the water that I give, will never thirst again” (John 4:13). She replied with great wonder, “Sir, give me this water, so that I won’t get thirsty (John 4:15). Jesus assuredly told her, “I am He, the living water!” (John 4:26). Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior is where you will find the end of your hungry soul.

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The Standard Christian Epidemic

01In my new book, “The Standard Christian Epidemic,” I expose the hypocritical Christian way of life that is so widespread today. The basis of the book is the Word of God itself. Behind every experience and revelation, I point to what the Word of God says. The book challenges every Christian to go back and re-evaluate their lives in light of His Word and the Holy Spirit. The Standard Christian Epidemic is simply a concept that states Christians will not have successful Christian lives if they live their lives basing their experiences and expectations on what other Christians have experienced. My call to Christians is to look upon Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. He alone is deemed worthy and qualified to represent Christianity. In all our ways, we need to acknowledge and believe upon Him, because He can do exceedingly more than you can ever think or ask (Ephesians 3:20)

A look inside the book: 

Chapter 5 The Standard Christian Epidemic 

            The error lies in this: we claim Jesus as God, but we accept other Christians’ experiences as “the way it is.” Who has deceived you into such thinking? There is no greater crime against Christianity than to label it by any other name than the name of Jesus Christ. He said, I am the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). The Standard Christian Epidemic is Christians relating to one another through their victories and defeats. For example, you can look at me today, teaching the Word of God, and be affirmed in the truth of the Gospel but if the following year, my life goes downhill, and you are discouraged in your own faith, then you are misled. You cannot build your altar on anyone else but Jesus. He is your sacrifice and He is the one found worthy to be your ransom. It is His life that was qualified to die for you, not mine or anyone else’s. Jesus never expected us to walk the Christian life relying on other Christians. Jesus Christ is Christianity. There is nothing in the Word of God written about trusting other Christians and their experiences. Nowhere does God tell us to get through life by holding onto one another. The answer is simple; Jesus is the only one who conquered the world and lives today making intercession on our behalf (Romans 8:34). If you don’t make Jesus the focal point of your life, your Christianity will suffer. There is no Christianity without Christ. He has to stay the main point. It is only when you begin to look to the right and left that you begin to stumble in your walk with God but if you keep your eyes steadfast upon Him, you will walk on water. 

               If not for Jesus Christ, I would have left Christianity a long time ago. There are many Christians that live hypocritical lives and the world mocks Christianity because of it. But to the world I say, let every man fall, but the One who I believe in represents His own name. His name is Jesus Christ. He alone represents Christianity; He shares His glory with no man (Isaiah 42:8). He is the one who saves, preserves and delivers. If someone has wronged you, don’t mistake that for Jesus. Your father, mother, brother, sister or anyone else for that matter does not represent Jesus Christ. Jesus represents Himself; no one else can be Jesus in your life, but Jesus Himself. Therefore don’t allow Satan to deceive you into religion. He will trick you into believing evil acts are of God. He has convinced many that it is God who brings evil to our world. Satan indeed is the father of all lies (John 8:44). Religion says God punishes us by sending natural disasters or other woes. Religion teaches that God makes us sick to teach us a lesson. Can a kingdom divided against itself stand? Would God use Satan’s devices and the very thing that He hates, sin, to discipline the children He loves? Does your natural father call his enemies to discipline you when you step out of line? Your natural parents would never do such a thing. They would discipline you themselves, because it is their right, responsibility and love that will change you. It is so with God; He changes us through His Word. He teaches and matures us through His Word. If we place God somewhere in the middle of using evil, we are denying both truths that Satan is evil and God is good. Our God is an absolute God. His Word makes many such absolute statements. His Word declares He is a good and loving Father. Study the many names of God to get a better picture of who He really is. If God truly did use evil to teach us then Jesus would have made everyone ill rather than heal all who came to Him.

Great multitudes followed Him, and He healed them all. Matthew 12:15

            Apart from healing, there are natural disasters that people claim are acts of God. Yet natural disasters weren’t even brought up in the Bible. The storm at sea that Jesus rebuked was not necessarily God trying to kill people at sea rather it was the natural cycle of the earth. If we assume storms, droughts, hurricanes, etc. are of God, then we are saying that Jesus was trying to kill Himself at sea. One can claim that maybe God caused the storm, so that Jesus could bring glory to Himself by exercising His authority over it, but even this doesn’t really illustrate like that in the story. Jesus was sound asleep and didn’t wake up until the disciples woke Him up. This was one of those things that just came up and when it did, Jesus did exercise His authority. Instead of thanking God for the storm, He turned to His disciples and rebuked their lack of faith. Jesus made no mention of this being a part of God’s plan. I am making no claim that it was or wasn’t, but I am observing how Jesus looked at it. To Him, it appeared to be a normal every-day thing that He didn’t even flinch at. This can lead us to make the assumption that Jesus understood storms came and went and had no agenda from God to kill people rather when sin entered the world, the earth itself was cursed, no longer being the earth God created it to be. Sin became a natural cycle of the earth. Sin brought corruption and death everywhere. Before Adam’s sin, creation was lively and vibrant but when sin came into the world it tainted everything. The point I am making is that it is not God who brings chaos to the world. God’s Kingdom brings order. He commanded us to bring His kingdom to earth. It is our job to represent God as Jesus represented God by healing the sick, delivering the captive, and preaching the Kingdom… Continued in book

Chapter 6 Seasons

            In every season of our life, God is at work. Every season has a purpose before God. You will be greatly blessed if you recognize and accept this reality. It will put your life into perspective; you will begin to realize how to live in every season. The Bible speaks often about it. 

To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven… He has made everything beautiful in its time. Eccl. 3:1; 11

             What I have seen in my life are the many seasons people pass by without discerning and living that season’s purpose. Many people do not choose to accept the responsibility and calling that God has placed on their lives. They believe if they ignore the calling, then they waive any personal responsibility placed on them but the truth is that if you ignore your calling, you make a conscious decision to do so while others make a conscious decision to accept their calling. Those that understand what God is doing are those that will flourish in every season. They will live content, eager, and expectant of God. It is not a matter of waiting for a season, for God has said in His Word that He daily adds to us. 

Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation! Psalm 68:19

                Each and every day is a day in your season that can be lived out in perfection and favor. We have heard it said, “God is more interested in the destination.” That being true does not take away from the fact He is just as much interested in the details of our lives. Every day has meaning and purpose. It is to your benefit to live each day’s agenda as God desires. He makes all things good in their time. Don’t buy into the fact that your good thing is coming, so in the meantime you simply wait for it to come. He has an ever-increasing abundance for your life. This is in regards to spiritual and physical blessings. There is specific timing for certain gifts from God, but He is not at all interested in your complacency for those gifts. He wants you to grow in the knowledge of Him and all the while reaping His benefits. If He has made a promise to your life, don’t make it the focal point of your life. Don’t let it tie you down from everything else God wants to bless you with. When you do obsess over gifts, you are serving not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but the god of self. I personally believe God will withhold further or certain blessings if you don’t steward properly the ones He already gave you. If He blesses you with a dream job and it takes over your life, what good has come of it? God was trying to satisfy you and give you your heart’s desire, but you turned it for evil. Not only will this hinder God’s work any further in your life, but you will be dissatisfied with what you already have. We will be set free when we realize God makes everything perfect in its time. We will enjoy what we currently have, knowing He makes each day new…  Continued in book 

Get your copy today! http://TheSCEbook.com

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The Missing Generation

There is a generation that is missing today. This is the generation of Godly saints, young men and women that never reached their mark. This is the generation that the Lord wept over. A generation that lost its place in history.

A lost generation leaves the next generation barren and without hope. As a family is strengthened through its generations, so are the children of God, the priestly bride. Rather than giving hope and exemplifying a life in Christ, the missing generation has nothing to show for the Kingdom of God. It leaves the next generation with a dilemma.

What does a righteous generation look like? Is it really possible to live a powerful, influential life as a Christian? There is no hope in blaming the previous generation, but rather challenges the current generation to come back to the Word of God. The Word of God says of a righteous man:

He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper.
(Psalm 1:3 (See also Jeremiah 17:8))

This scripture challenges the current generation of what it should look like. I am not writing off the previous generation as having done nothing for the Kingdom. The Lord did what He could with those that lived for Him. But I will not grant them the glory of Christ as having fulfilled His Will for their generation. What I see around me are youth that feel God is distant. They feel God does not speak today and is not near to them, because the “Christians” around them, have not been good examples.

God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.  (Acts 17:27)

And in a collection, they are a generation of Christians that showed a poor example of what a life in God really looks like.

It arouses my passion for Christians, especially youth, that believe life is better lived chasing after the lusts of this world. And how little they realize. It angers and saddens me to see youth that have not had the proper upbringing from the previous generation to know the reality of a living God. The greatest phenomenon in this world is the ignorance of the reality of God. But I want greater for my generation. I want my generation to prove the acceptable, pleasing and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2).

Not every one will answer the call, but it is not an excuse to believe for a greater response to the call in this generation. People have simply lost their faith in God. But when they begin to see a generation that reflects the VERY IMAGE OF GOD, they will run to the cross. God is not the problem. Christians’ poor reflection of God is. God is real and more alive than any living thing on the face of the earth. When we begin to walk in His Glory, nations will bow down.  No great thing happens, but that which the Lord does.

With all that said, reflect upon these things. In five, ten, years, where will you be? Do you believe your God is indeed GOD! What do you actually believe in? Being a regular, “I go to church,” Christian, will die off. There will come a time in your life, where the Lord Jesus Christ will come to the door of your heart and ask you once again, “Have you rejected yourself, and chosen Me?” There will come a point in your life where you will no longer be able to lie to yourself about what truly lives inside of you. If Christ doesn’t have the throne of your life, you will assuredly see your own reign come to an end. At that point, you will either continue to deny the Truth in ignorance and pride, or you will fall down to the feet of the One who so loves you, the One that broke His flesh for you. His name is Jesus Christ.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” (John 14:6)

                                                           – Jesus Christ 


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