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Willing People Will


You must be willing to get anywhere in life. To become a doctor, you must make goals to succeed in your studies. To become a lawyer, you must be willing to make goals that you will stay up late nights to crack that case! To get through college, you  must wiling. You don’t have to have an excellent GPA or great exam scores, you just need to be willing. To become the best star on your football or soccer team, you don’t have to be the most talented or strongest, you just have to be the most willing to become the best!

Having a will is very uncommon today. Apathy is very common. People have become used to the norms. In the day and age we live, people are okay with anything. Complacency is popular. Acceptance is popular. Irresponsibility is pitied. There is less and less accountability on the moral behavior of the world. However, there are many others who are putting their will in overdrive and succeeding! There are those who don’t want to allow their kids into the public school system because of the many problems our students face and therefore they work hard enough to get their kids into private schools. They are willing. Although many kids learn about sex, smoking weed, getting drunk and YOLO’ing through life, through their close friends at school or even church!, other parents are so willing to keep their kids safe, that they go to extreme measures even as far as moving out of town or their church. It is true, many of the drastic decisions that many parents contemplate today is for the sake of their kids. Will is an extraordinary trait that few possess or choose to posses, however you want to take that.

Having a will is the only way to succeed in this life. Without exercising your will, you are completely lifeless. The one thing that distinguishes you from all life is your choice to live or die. If you do not exercise your will, you will be depressed. If you do not exercise your will, you will fail. If you do not exercise your will, you will die emotionally, spiritually and eventually physically. It’s very common today for a young person to get tied up in video games, girls/boys, or even their friends. Receive a dose of irresponsibility and you will crave another dose. Irresponsibility is a lifestyle that is deceitfully pleasureful. It is that fleeting desire that tells you, sleeping in is the best thing to do, it is that fleeting desire that tell you, you don’t need to work or stress out. Slowly but surely, deep sleep leads to death (Proverbs 19:15).

I remember being in school, when I made up my mind that the teacher really did not like me and that I hated the class, then I hated the class. I stopped exercising my will to do well. When I decided that I didn’t like a certain class or didn’t need to know the material, I stopped exercising my will to do any work at all for the class. When I decided that I would rather sleep in than go to school, I stopped exercising my will and became very lazy. I didn’t have to decide a second time to appreciate sleep more. One decision will lead you to the path of death and laziness. Lack of will leads to death. Lack of will brings no fulfillment or life. Human beings were created with a divine gift- their will- which makes them like God. God exercised His will by forming the world and everything in it. Jesus exercised His will to carry the cross (Yes He accepted the Father’s will and not His own, but his choice to go forward with the Father’s will was Jesus’ will to do so, because He had a choice to decline the Father’s will). Imagine the world if Jesus came down and said, “On second thought, I would rather not die.” If that had happened, we would have no choice between life and death anymore, but would all suffer the Second Death. Do you realize that Jesus had that choice? Do you realize that all humanity rested on one man’s choice? Do you also realize that your one choice can cause some to stumble, some to fall away, or it could cause many to come to fruition of life and to the knowledge of God, obtaining eternal life? Our willingness to change the lives of others through our careers, ministries, and lives, is totally and entirely our choice. Our willingness to live a fruitful and abundant life obtaining happiness, fulfillment and success, is totally and entirely our choice.

When we are alone, we are affected only by our personal will. But when we get together with our friends, family, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances, everyone’s will begins to affect us. If you made a choice that you don’t like school and after school you get together with your best friend who also made a choice that he doesn’t like school, and in the evening you hang out with all your brothers’ older friends who are no longer in school, you are going to begin to hate school and not be there anymore. If you do that, you will begin to have a very difficult time exercising your will to show up on time, to do your homework and to study for your exams. On the other hand, if you have a difficult time agreeing with liking school, but spend hours with your friends who enjoy studying and talk about their goals for future careers or successes, then you will be affected to change your attitude about school. If you come to class and your professor or teacher encourages you and relates to you in a personal way, then you will create a fondness toward the professor, which will cause your willingness to be at school to increase. If your parents talk to you about the success education can bring and the many options it can provide for you, then your willingness to stay at school and do your best will increase dramatically.

Nothing great starts with a multitude. The greatest gift started with one person. Success in your life will not start with your friends or your family. Success in your personal life starts with and only with YOU. Beginning and continued success, however, starts and ends with the people you choose to surround yourself with. Nothing great that was built was built on lazy and unwilling people. No sky scraper was built by sleeping men in their beds. No great marriage persevered on selfish people. No great ministry survived on incompetence or lack of vision. Lack of vision is foolishness. God gave us a will to choose our path and destiny in life. The details are not up to us, but the direction is entirely up to us- not God. He has already made a way. Choosing that path in life is totally and entirely up to you. Are you dreaming of a big business? Stop dreaming and start believing! Are you imagining to be a great man or woman of God? Enough imagining and begin seeking His face! We are called to initiation. Life doesn’t give lemons, life is lemons. You either eat them and get them out of the way or you stay away all your life, never succeeding forward.

A great vision starts with one man. Sustained vision is built on many willing men. Don’t throw pearl to swine. If something has been committed to you and you are trying to make it work, be it a ministry, a job, a project, etc. but you are not able to get people to help you- STOP LOOKING WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING. If you are looking for a mentor or someone to disciple but cannot find anyone- STOP LOOKING WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING. Take a small step back and look all around you- there are multitudes of people who are willing to listen to you, who are willing to mentor you, who are willing to help you! We are very easily attracted by the mundane, negative and unwilling atmosphere so many people create. Do not blame, insult or injure anyone, but for Pete’s sake, look to the North, the South, East and West! The Kingdom is ripe and you need to do the Lord’s work, be it at school, work or on vacation! Initiate yourself and get going with people like-minded and like-entrusted! Remember, if you have people who you have been trusting and trusting, but nothing is coming out of them, be done with it! Do you turn back in your studies once your friend starts eating popcorn and drooling on his studies? No! You move forward because you know your priorities and you set out to become somebody! You know your goals and you know your vision for 2015! Do not be delayed into greatness because of pity. Pity parties are always around and available, you will never miss out. Kingdoms are built on willing men and women, countries are built on willing men and women, cities are built on willingness  and people are built on will.