A Word in Every Season

ImageUnderstanding the season you are in reveals the word God has placed in your heart. Every child of God carries a particular word in any given season. A word can be a revelation, an affirmation, a promise, a scripture, etc. This word first grows in your heart, changing you, but then it is for the edifying of the saints.

To illustrate this, we all know certain individuals that at one point or another repeated the same revelation or word, over and over. I used to find this very irritating, but the Lord said to me, “I have given that individual a word that has to be released; how he or she releases it is through their own personality.” In that instance, I understood one of the ways God fulfills His purposes on earth. He places a word in every individual for every season’s purpose.

You have a word that needs to be released and shared with others today. You may be releasing it, not aware. You may be conducting yourself in a way that is speaking to someone, yet you are unconscious of. The take-away here is that every child of God has a plan and a purpose that is connected to the body of Christ for edification. If we don’t walk in our callings, we are missing out on blessing others as well as ourselves.

The Kingdom of God surely advances, but as mentioned earlier, your part in it depends on your cooperation. We are here for each other; God uses us for one another’s benefit. Be aware of your influence, because wherever you go, you are influencing others. Don’t be concerned with how God will bring His will to pass, because He always does. He has even spoken through unbelievers to carry out His will. There are mentions in scripture when the Holy Spirit spoke through various unbelievers and even a donkey.  He is greater than we can ever imagine; His ways are perfect. Nevertheless, let us live as open vessels for the cause of Christ, releasing the word He has given us in every season. Do not concern yourself with the word you need to share, but simply love Jesus, and follow your heart. When you love Jesus with all your heart, your life will fall seamlessly into God’s perfect will.

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One thought on “A Word in Every Season

  1. gailmanizak says:

    Thank you David this was good. The last twolines sum it up for me, love Jesus and it all falls into place.

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