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If it is of Faith, it will Succeed. If it is of Man, it will Fail.

Many things we attempt in life are not in the Will of God and that is why very often we find ourselves discouraged in the failures we encounter. The first thing you must understand is that, God is not a failure. When God does something, He is ALWAYS successful. And He desires your life to prosper even as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2).

I am not preaching “success” here. I am preaching the success of God in your life. God never fails, but you do. You fail when you don’t walk in faith. You fail when you chose your own way over God’s.

There are factors and exceptions, for every situation, but the Word of God is the final Word of God. And here’s where the Holy Spirit revealed this truth to me. In this passage, a pharisee stood up against the council, who were trying to kill the apostles.

Acts 5: 38 And now I say to you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; 39 but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it—lest you even be found to fight against God.”

Without going into too much detail, I want every Christian to understand this basic truth. If it is of faith, it will prosper. If it is of your own self, it will run dry. This should give you not only hope but encouragement in your walk with God. If what you plan to do, is not of God, it will run its course into the ground. It will fail. This is in regards to Christians who, “live according to the Will of God,” and so having been saved by grace through faith, they are now in the plan of God. However, what tends to happen is they continue to live their own lives as if they were never saved. Yes, they may not sin and live in a sinful lifestyle, because they are now of “born-again” spirit, but they don’t renew their minds with the Word of God and experience God’s presence through prayer and worship. What happens to a person like this? Think about it, they chose the Will of God, through salvation, but they continue to live by their own will. It’s a very contradictory lifestyle. One cannot tear down physical walls, unless he puts up spiritual walls. My point in saying all that is a Christian’s actions and words are now contingent upon their faith. It is completely opposite with unbelievers. They are not in the Will of God, therefore the things they do, doesn’t necessarily coincide with faith. Though something may work for them, it is irrelevant to their faith, because they are not on God’s course. A Christian is on God’s course, and what they do with their lives matters a lot more now, because they are bestowed with an inheritance, co-heirs with Christ, seated in heavenly places. They cannot do the will of satan and God. (Matthew 6:24). What does light and darkness have in common. (2 corinthians 6:14). Very few Christians realize the significance and importance of their “born-again” lives.

Now in this context, when I say, “faith succeeds”, I am talking about “truth”. If you operate in faith, you operate in truth. This is not merely, “I believe, I believe, so let it be.” No, I am talking about your faith being a word from God from within your spirit. Faith is not faith, unless it has substance behind it. You cannot have faith, unless the Lord reveals a thing to you. Therefore, understand what I mean by, “If you operate in faith, it will succeed.” If you operate in His Word and His Voice in your spirit, you will succeed. Having that substance, you can have faith.

Having said all that, the point I’m coming to is this truth. If you operate in faith, you will see God’s hand provide for you, because you are doing the Will of God. However, when you “are enticed of your own lust” to do something, it will rarely give you any joy or success, because it is not of God. Now, I don’t want this to seem like I am over-spiritualizing mundane things of life, however, every physical thing has a spiritual foundation. (“Spirit controls physical” post, coming soon).=

One of my closest friends desired to move out-of-state to Florida. I would dearly miss him if he had chosen to move away, but I desire the Will of God for every man and woman. I blessed him in my heart for this decision. I blessed him for any decision he would make in his life. But what I want to make clear to the reader is what God showed me through his situation. When I heard him talk about Florida and moving out-of-state, immediately the Holy Spirit said to me, “If it is of man, it will fail. If it is of faith, it will succeed.” I want to make a few things clear. What I mean by failure here is this: it is not in God’s Will. However, to better illustrate my point, understand this. (God works all things together for good to those who love Him). We may have missteps and make wrong decisions, but God will direct us from there or re-direct us, doesn’t make a difference. However, it is much better to walk in faith so that we can see more of God in our lives.

I am not preaching “success” here, I am preaching the perfect Will of God. I am preaching the success of God in your life. God never fails, but you do. You fail when you don’t walk in faith. You fail when you chose your own way over God’s. Remember, God has the best pathway for your life. Don’t idolize that statement either. Christianity is not an easy path in life. We will face trials and tribulations. But it is the best pathway for your life and this does also mean a good life. For some reason, Christians think bad is good. Truly, only those who love Him, see how good He is and who He really is. Do you really know God? Can you honestly say you know God? Do you know him as your Father? Many do not, but they love to make arguments against fellow Christians, who believe God does bless His children. It is only because they are proud and selfish. They attribute success to self-gain, but to a genuine Christian, personal success means Kingdom success. To pinpoint one area of life where many stumble is money. Many don’t believe God wants you to be rich, for one very ignorant reason, because they think it is selfish. Now wait a minute, what if you’re not selfish? Is money still a blessing or curse. Many would continue to say, money is a root of evil. I have one question for them, are you rooted in Christ or this world? If you are rooted in Christ, money is no evil for you. If you are rooted in this world, money is the least of your problems. Everything will be a curse to you. For without God, you have no life. Therefore, the fundamental truth here is where is your heart. More money in my life simply means more money for the Kingdom. To a regular carnal person, more money means more luxuries. God does not mind if you have luxuries, but He minds where your heart lies. If He has your heart, He has everything.

Back to my point, if you operate in faith for something, you will experience joy and peace in it. It will benefit you, because it is from God. When you chase after your own lust, it will just run to the ground. Sin brings death. Chasing your own pleasures or your own ideas (not always bad) brings little to you and or nothing at all. This goes to all decisions life. Never make a decision without basing it on your faith. If you are in faith, God will lead you to move out of state. Why pursue the carnal will of your “self.” (Don’t you realize, you have died to yourself and been made alive in Christ). Many of us have experienced and re-experienced failures of all sorts. Go back and re-examine your life, how many of those things did you sincerely do because you were led by God. Through my own experience and many others, I can answer that for you. I believe practically, zero, were led by God. My friends, whatever your experience or philosophy is, you must remember God never fails. If God told you to do something, whether it worked out or not, God did not fail. If anything, you failed. You failed at completely trusting Him in it. You failed at continuing to walk and adhere to His voice and hand. That is simply to encourage you that “out of faith, no one can fight against it.” Because God will not fail. The question is your own discernment of whether you were and or are walking in faith. It is also a continual process of refinement. Your faith needs nourishment through a personal relationship with God.

The Spirit would continually repeat this notion to me as I heard the plans my friends had or people around me. He would continually open this up to me so that I would understand why men’s plans fail them. To go back, I am not sure what God’s desire was for my friend, whether to move out or not, but the Spirit was simply shedding light for my own understand and to share with him as well, to seek out God’s Will for his life. I believe there is a very important truth here in listening and obeying God. IF you truly love God, you will obey Him. (scripture). You will desire His Will and not simply your own. A mature Christian, however, can say that his desire to move somewhere, is already God’s desire, because God changes our desires to His, as we fellowship with Him. That’s a statement that I almost go without saying, because a mature Christian will already understand that. But I appeal more so to Standard Christians, who don’t seek the Will of God, but their own ways. You may experience success, you may not. But what I see in all this, is the peace and confidence we can live in if we live according to God’s Will. If you follow God, you will be content and at peace with yourself. So it is not merely about having success, but it is about having peace and joy and confidence in your walk of life. As one Carroll Sanders prophesied to me, “Through simple obedience, He delivers us from anxiety.” And you can be rest assured, you will experience success when you walk in faith. After all, He is God.

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